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All 9 Football Routes Explained with Images (The Route Tree)

All 9 Football Routes Explained with Images (The Route Tree) #1 – The Flat Route. The flat route is a basic route that quickly breaks to the outside of the field, toward the sideline. The receiver will take a ... #2 – The Slant Route. #3 – The Comeback Route. #4 – The Curl Route. #5 – The Out Route. ...

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A route is a path or pattern that a receiver in American football runs to get open for a forward pass. List of common routes. Curl route; Drag route, also called an "In route" Corner route, also called a "Flag route" Fly route, also called a "Go route" or "Streak route" Hitch route; Out route; Arrow route; Post route, also there is a "Post Flag" Slant route

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The streak route is the simplest route in the football route tree, as it only requires the receiver to run straight downfield. It is also referred to as the “fly” route or the “go” route.

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Post routes are used for long pass plays. In a post route the receiver runs 10 to 15 yards straight downfield and then cuts in at an angle toward the goal posts. Go - A go route is usually a straight route up the field where the receiver uses their speed to pass the cornerback. Sometimes they may make an earlier move as if to run an out or in route to fake out the defender.

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Running Back Pass Routes. Tight End Pass Routes . Common Passing Routes. Angle. Halfbacks and fullbacks run this route of the backfield. The back starts off by going towards the outside, and then angles back towards the middle of the field. The angle route is effective against man coverage if the back has more speed than the defender covering him.

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The pass route the receiver runs during the play is based on the type of pass coverage called. Curl Flat. The Curl Flat route combo has the outside receiver running a curl, while inside receiver runs a flat route. This route combo is generally effective against most zone coverages. Double Moves

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Routes Corner. A corner route is a pattern run by a receiver, where the receiver runs up the field and then turns at... Fly. A fly route, also called a streak route or go route, is a pattern run where the receiver runs straight upfield... Out. An out route (or down and out or jet route) is a pattern ...

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This route is probably a little rough on the knees. The receiver, often the super-fast stud on the outside, runs hard downfield, pumps the brakes, and then turns sharply back to the quarterback.