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Yet on the basis of different surveys, the average NBA player height by position is between 6’3’’ to 6’9’’. As being said earlier, your passion and craze make you through NBA position just like Chris Paul who’s below than this average height i.e. 6’0’’, still is the hot star in NBA players.

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NBA Player’s Height By Position Point Guard Average Height. In 1952, point guards were the shortest players in the league with an average height of 6’. Shooting Guard’s Average Height. Shooting guards are generally taller than point guards. The average height of a... Small Forward Average Height. Of ...

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The average NBA height for shooting guards is 6’5″, small forwards at 6’7″, power forwards at 6’9″, and centers at 6’11”. Now here’s something interesting: According to Basketball-Reference, the average height in the NBA– which is around 6-foot-7– has not changed for the past three decades. That’s pretty remarkable since the game 30 years ago is almost unrecognizable to how it is played today.

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Average NBA Height by Position Point Guard Average Height. The average point guard height ranges between 5’11” and 6’3”. Currently, the tallest point... Shooting Guard Average Height. In the 1950’s the average shooting guard height was 6’1”, which then evolved over time to... Power Forward Average ...

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For instance, in college basketball you’ll see guards that are well below 6’0 tall. In the NBA, you’ll SELDOM see players below 6’0. This pattern typically is true for all positions. However, there is a THRESHOLD. Though there is an average height for each position, as long as you’re tall enough, it becomes a matter of SKILL. Charles Barkley was an undersized power forward (at just under 6’5), but he became the shortest player in NBA history to lead the league in rebounding; this ...

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Average men’s basketball player height by position. Avg. point guard height: 5’11” Avg. shooting guard height: 6’1” Avg. small forward height: 6’4” Avg. sower forward height: 6’6.5” Avg. center height: 6’7.5”

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A tall power forward over 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 m) can be a forward-center, playing PF and C. A smaller power forward, approximately 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m), can play combo forward, playing SF part-time. In the NBA, power forwards usually range from 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) to 7 feet 0 inches (2.13 m) with shoes.