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[VIDEO] Thai boys build soccer field on water - a beautiful ...

Thai boys build soccer field on water – a beautiful, inspiring film, based on a true story Boys living on floating island in Thailand that had not an inch of soil, had nowhere to play or practice football. They built a field and a team.

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Why do they wet soccer fields with water at halftime of game ...

When you water the field the playing area usually becomes moist. It helps the ball to glide whenever a player makes the first shoot. The speed as well as the tempo of the modern soccer ball is highly favored by the wet surface and the speed of the ball is favored by the surface that is wet.

soccer pitch water | Buy Irrigation

Here’s my take on what is or is not possible when watering a football pitch (or an area of grass of a similar size). Let’s take a typical football pitch measuring 105m x 68m (or 7140m squared). To apply 1mm of water over this area requires 7.14 cubic meters of water.

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Thailand's Football-Crazed Fishermen and the Floating Pitch ...

Subscribe to VICE Sports here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-SportsIn Koh Panyee, a tiny island floating off the coast of Thailand, a group of football-cra...

Why do they water the pitch before the game? | BigSoccer Forum

Which is why I have seen them water the pitch before games in the Netherlands, again, in France, and in Germany. Besides, the pitches in England are not watered right before the game. If you did that, the water would sit on the surface, and allow people to skid. It is watered game day, to soak in, to stop the earth from being rock-solid.

6 Of The World's Coolest Soccer Pitches - Effortless Outdoors

The soccer pitch is scenic enough in itself, giving players a view of the Singapore skyline, but a nearby seating stand on the shore can hold an additional 30,000 spectators. This pitch is a popular venue for events, from concerts to artistic exhibitions to – you guessed it – soccer matches.

Why do groundskeepers water the pitch at halftime of EPL ...

The ball moves quicker when it is played on a moist surface, and since 45 minutes of constant running on the pitch and light from the sun removes some of the moisture from the pitch, most clubs practice watering the pitch at half time to help with the intensity of the second half and to aid in providing a fast-paced and slick surface to play on.

Why do they wet the field before pro soccer games? - Quora

A well-watered pitch will allow for slick and fast passing. The correct amount of water on any given turf will encourage true and speedy movement of the ball. Conversely, a dry and bumpy pitch will slow the ball down and cause players to struggle to get a good passing game going. If the team

🇹🇭 Panyee's Football Heroes and Their Floating Pitch | Al ...

Until three decades ago, life on the fishing island was of Koh Panyee in southern Thailand was dependent on the Andaman Sea for food and income.Today, the is...

Why do they water the grass before the game starts and then ...

Watering the grass improves the speed of the game. Passes are faster and the ball moves faster. Dry grass has a high friction on the ball. Also, wet grass probably lowers the risk of some injuries. Generally, host teams that play very defensively against opposition that has fine technique might not want to water the grass.