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Get the Most out of your Ball Machine - OnCourt OffCourt

There are thousands of tennis ball machines in the United States alone, but how many of the players are really enjoying the potential benefits of ball machine use? Sure, there is some benefit to hitting ball after ball after ball, but why not make the most out of your ball machine practice.


The kids getting pummelled by Ball Machine

Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share

time machine gone wrong by malkhom; ... Ask Tennis Ball! by Four_The_Host5; ... YTP/SP Tennis Round 9 vs Everyone (9/900) by ChiaraTOT123

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End Game by Maggie Su — Carve Magazine | HONEST FICTION

As Kaikou moved towards Edward, he saw his own body from afar, a machine gone awry. Edward’s calves were tensed for a kick, but Kaikou was going to reach him in time. His body had forgotten that they were on the same team. Kaikou slide-tackled Edward from behind, his cleat hitting Edward’s ankle out from under him and then clipping the ball.

Berkeley Rep's 'Anarchist" - Johnson & Fancher, Inc.

By Lou Fancher for SFWeekly With goofy songs and the sarcasm of a previous age, Berkeley Rep's Accidental Death of an Anarchist brings out the shears. Splicing bureaucratic flab with comedic...

Perpetuity Blues - a novelette by Neal Barrett, Jr

Perpetuity Blues a novelette by Neal Barrett, Jr. On Maggie's seventh birthday, she found the courage to ask Mother what had happened to her father. "Your father disappeared under strange circumstances," said Mother.

Capes, Cups, and Glittery Things Chapter 22: Who Stole My ...

He looked around for something to get it down with, then found one of Mystic's balls on the floor and threw it at the box, trying to knock it off the armoire. Max had pretty good aim and the box was right on the edge of the shelf. The ball hit it and it tumbled down into his arms. "Yay! New cereal!" the little boy grinned.

What hollywood songs or albums will change your mood ...

Our Song (Taylor Swift) (See the video too) Style (Taylor Swift) (See the video too) Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift) (See the video too) Blank space (Taylor Swift) (See the video too) Today was a Fairy tale (Taylor Swift) You Belong With Me (Taylor ...

Mr Congeniality, a thunderbirds fanfic | FanFiction

Crates struck the floor hard, splitting open, scattering small parts and shooting ball bearings in every direction across the vast cavern floor like a pinball machine gone berserk. Nuts and bolts pinged and bounced as the forklift continued to plow manically forward through the stack, only pausing momentarily and reluctantly when its forks ...