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Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes | How-To Guide With Chart & Visuals

A tennis racquet’s grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle, ...

Tennis Racket Grip Sizes | Anthem Sports

Next, measure to the tip of your ring finger, this measurement is your grip size. In the diagram ...

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How To Find Your Tennis Racquet Grip Size | Tennis Express

Below would be in between 4 ¼ (Grip Size 2) and 4 3/8 (Grip Size 3) If you have a racquet handy (pun intended) but no measuring tool, here is another good way to get an estimated grip size. Pick up the racquet in a “hand shake” grip, if you can place your other index finger in the space between thumb and fingers then that grip size is probably a good place to start.

Tennis Grip Size - Size Chart

Grip Size: EU Grip Size: Typical Users: 4'' 10-10.2 cm: 4: L0: Junior: 4 1/8'' 10.3-10.5 ...

How to measure your tennis grip size

A typical overgrip will increase a grip by 1/16 inch. You can also increase grip size using a ...

Finding Your Tennis Racquet Grip Size - Updated for 2021!

The good news is that 1, it’s really easy to find your tennis grip size, and 2, you can do it at home right now! Follow along as I step you through it. There are two main methods to finding your grip size. We’ll start with the first that requires a tennis racquet.

This is How You measure Your Tennis Grip Size – HEAD

For the second method, pick up and grip a HEAD racquet. If the racquet is the correct grip size, you should be able to fit the index finger of your other hand between your fingers and thumb. measure tennis grip size with a finger. If you can't fit your finger in that space, then the grip is too small for your hand.

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4 ¼ (2) for women and 4 3/8 (3) for men. These are the most common grip sizes based on gender. However, if your hand is much smaller or larger, you may need a different grip size. If you’re not sure, go smaller. You can always add an overgrip to build up your handle thickness. Believe us, it’s a lot easier than shaving down the handle!