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The Outside Hitter Approach (New) - YouTube

A detailed breakdown of how to properly approach to and time an outside set in volleyball. Professional content courtesy of volleyball world (@volleyballworld)

How to Shine as an Outside Hitter in Volleyball – Volleyball ...

The outside hitter must learn to be a human spring of sorts… They must jump up high, dive down low, move side to side and get back up as quickly as humanly possible. This means it’s clearly advantageous for an outside hitter to work on their flexibility and explosiveness along with their volleyball skills.

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Outside Hitters. Click on the name of the volleyball drill you want for a full diagram and step by step instructions. ... Transition to Approach.

Transition approach for the outside hitter - The Art of ...

In order to set up for the attack, the outsider hitter must first get OFF the net, then worry about getting OUTSIDE to ready for the approach. That means a quick few backwards steps or shuffle past the ten-foot line, then quickly transitioning out to the pin. This same sequence of priorities applies to when the outside hitter is covering the tip.

How to Have a Successful Outside Hitter Approach - PRO TIPS ...

Outside hitters often get set more balls than any other player on the court. You should always be prepared for whatever the setter gives you. Your approach angle is important to help you adjust to sets that are past the antenna or inside. Try a wide angle that opens you up to the large area of the court. A FEW TIPS TO REMEMBER: Get out wide.

Volleyball Outside Hitter Drill: Transition to approach - YouTube

In this demonstration, our outside hitter is swinging out to assist the block on the left side. In which case, she would open to the court right-left-hop, tu...

7 common hitting approach errors and how to fix them

Here are our top tips for hitting a volleyball correctly: Footwork: Develop each player’s approach footwork so it’s consistent every time. This could be a 3-step (left, right, left for a right-hander) or 4-step (right, left, right, left) approach. Wait and accelerate through the approach (the last two steps should be the fastest).

Mark Barnard: Drill to improve approach timing - The Art of ...

The drill you’ll see here, taught by Australian women’s national team coach Mark Barnard, helps hitters understand approach timing. It’s important for hitters to be able to adjust to varying set heights and locations and be at the peak of their jump when contacting the ball. This drill involves a setter and an outside hitter. The coach tosses 3 balls in a row to the setter, who delivers 3 sets at varying tempos and locations.